I was born in the region of The Hague, got my upbringing in Maastricht where I went to school just across the border in Belgium. After secondary school I went to Eindhoven to study applied physics but found it to be too theoretical. So I worked several years in different practical technical fields with different companies. During that time I increasingly noticed that programming has been a welcome way for me to spend my free time. Whether it's wrestling with Linux configurations, setting up server processes or writing scripts and programs. Programming & figuring out how certain devices work is a repeating and enjoyable theme in my life. That is why I've decided to make the career switch to IT. The unregulated nature and low threshold access to self-study materials makes IT a lot of fun to me.

My girlfriend and I love the outdoors, Lindy-hop dancing and Rock&Roll dancing. I'm interested in practical philosophy, privacy, free speech, finance and politics. And I can definitely enjoy an intellectually stimulating sci-fi movie like The Matrix.

Any project that increases the power and awareness of individuals in the world is a project I'd love to work on. To be more specific, I'd love to work for a team or project with a technological focus on privacy, free speech, deregulation or decentralization.